face id device for attendance marking and visitor management

Face ID in Hospitals: Security and much more


Face ID recognition, a technology which analyses a person’s facial features such as the distance between eyes, nose and mouth; creates a digital signature of an individual’s face, which is then compared with a database to identify the individual, has been in use for marking attendance for some time. The reliability and ease of use is evident through the point that it has been adapted by various government institutions also.

In this article, we try to explore the adoption of Face ID technology in hospitals, along with attendance marking, and how it can come in handy for hospitals to deliver the best of healthcare to the patients.

Use of Face ID in Hospitals for Visitor Management

Entry Restrictions

Hospitals have numerous people moving in and out all the time. Amidst all this movement, there are various locations within the premises, where in the entry of personnel has to be restricted such as medicinal store, ICU’s and record rooms. Face ID can be used to check the digital signatures and permit movement of allowed personnel only.

Improved Security

In addition to restricted movement, the face ID records add to the hospital’s security . Cascaded devices can lead to a trail of movement, helping in the overall security atmosphere of the facility

Availability Records

Hospital operations are as such that any medical officer may be required at any location. Information of an hospital staff present in vicinity can boost up hospital’s capabilities of emergency management

Crowd Management

While a patient’s attendant is helpful for a patient, hospital’s have to control visitors in order to deliver the best of health-care facilities. Face ID implementation for attendant’s at entry and exit locations can support in controlling visitor’s movement.


Face ID solution such as DigiPass introduces a balance between privacy and security. Only the visitors permitted by patient’s attendants are allowed to visit the patient and that too in limited numbers

DigiPass is a Unified Access Control Solution by SARALWEB, focused on managing the flow of visitors through public and restricted areas of a hospital building