Research Note

Through Saralweb Research Notes we hope to discuss the emerging trends in the Indian labour environment, with sharp immediate focus on contract labour scenarios for principal employers. The papers produced in association with senior industry relation personnels are expected to deliver valuable insights of contract labour management and Indian labour laws

  • Workplace Injury Claims

    Kaviraj Singh(Saralweb)

  • Injuries inevitably occur in the workplace, and the Indian industrial labour environment offers mechanisms to insure against accidental injury. These are the government mandated Employee State Insurance (ESI) and privately offered Workmen’s Insurance (WC). This document discusses ESI and WC, their applicability, trade-offs, and procedural requirements – in particular the procedures required to avoid denial of insurance claims. Issues arising out of contract/outsource employees are also discussed.

  • OSHWC,2020: Analysis of Reporting Changes

    Kaviraj Singh(Saralweb) , Ruchir Walia(Saralweb)

  • Labour Laws in India are expected to change this year; this impacts reporting requirements and routines of Industrial Relations (IR) practice. An analysis of the upcoming change in practice is presented by mapping existing reports to the new ones. As evident from the mapping presented, a much larger and complex set of reports is replaced by a smaller and simpler version.