Healthcare and Technological Advancements

Posted on: 08 August 2023

Post Covid-19 the technology has turned into a game changer for services industry and healthcare too, riding on these technological changes, is witnessing an improvement in services.The paper looks at how hospital's IT department can benefit from face id technology `

In these modern times, one comes across various technological advancements, helping with better services. The technological up-gradation is inevitable and an organisation not updating it’s tech may suffers. Healthcare sector is not untouched through this and the technological advancements are playing their part, in boosting the hospital’s services as well as improving the level of patient’s care. It is not just the state of art machinery that hospital’s have installed that are helping with enhanced care but the technological adaptations in daily operations introduced through IT departments of healthcare industry. Among the numerous technological enablers some of the technological advancements proving to be a game changer are:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): Gone are the days when patients had to carry files of previous prescriptions and test records. EHRs have replaced paper records, which not only eases up the patient’s life but is also helpful for medicinal professionals to access the records and deliver the best of care
  • Cloud Computing: Not only has the acceptance of cloud made it easier for healthcare providers in terms of scaling and cost effectiveness, it has also created an environment wherein the patients and healthcare providers are not bound by distance
  • IoT: From smart watches to connected sensors, the introduction of IoT has replaced the troubles related to constant monitoring. Connected to hospital’s the IoT devices add up to patient’s safety and in optimal use of hospital resources
latest technology in hospitals

The list of these technological enablers can be very long but it is to be noted that these advancements are not only directly helping the healthcare industry and patients but is also indirectly improving the standard of services. One such scenario has been use of SARALWEB’s Uniform Access Control devices for visitor management in hospitals

The face id based solution introduces AI in hospitals. The hospitals without utilising a major chunk of its resources can avoid the over-crowding and chaos while keeping the patient’s and visitor’s data safe. The devices with its recognising speed and capability, becomes a part of simple entry and exit procedure, and delivers its benefits to healthcare providers and patients.

Keeping up with latest technologies the device keeps the data safe, and is capable of integrating with existing hospital management solution, adding to the ease delivered to not only patients, admin department but also the IT department on a Hospital