Creation of Invoice and Payslips will automatically generate reports. You can check these reports by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Reports Container

  2. A list of reports will appear on your screen.

  3. Click on the report you wish to see.

  4. Fill in the necessary fields

  5. Click on “OK”.

Saralweb’s WFM allows you to get automated reports which can be exported from the system and can be uploaded on government’s portal directly. The various reports available are

  • Compliance Reports

    • Bonus Report, Rule 4, Form C

    • ESIC Monthly Statement

    • ESIC Statutory Report

    • Employee Register, Wages Code(Form IV)

    • Employer EPF and ESIC

    • Labour Welfare Fund Summary

    • Monthly Deduction Register

    • Monthly Employer PF Contribution Summary

    • Monthly Termination Summary

    • Monthly Wage Register

    • PF Monthly Statement

    • PF Statutory Report ( Arrears )

    • PF Statutory Report ( ECR )

    • PF Statutory Report ( Exit Members )

    • PF Statutory Report ( New Members )

    • Professional Tax - Monthly Statement

    • Register of Overtime ( CLRA, Form XXIII)

    • Register of Wages (CLRA Form XVII)

    • Register of Wages, Overtime, Fine, Deduction for damage and Loss (OSHWC Code : Form VIII)

    • Register of Workmen ( CLRA Form XIII)

  • HR MIS

    • Bank Information

    • Annual Bonus Report

    • Employee Grades

    • Employees Interviewed

    • Employees with Pending Details

    • New Joiners in the Month

    • Organization Structure

    • Salary Register

    • Contractors Invoice Register



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