Current Openings

Currently we are hiring for following position :

Location : Noida (UP) India

Education : Graduate or above in computer science / engineering from a recognized institute

Job Description
  • Complete feature ownership including user interface, usability feedback incorporation, and quality control
  • The ideal candidate will be able to commit long term to deep specialized feature areas, develop in-depth expertize and insight into feature usage.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with good oral and written communication skills and job responsibilities require work closely with design and marketing staff
Candidate Requirements
  • Exposure to UNIX/LINUX.
  • Exposure to NodeJS, RDBMS (Postgresql Preferred)
  • Exposure to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web Technologies, Dart, Flutter, C, C++, python
  • Clear understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms and Object Oriented System Design.
Interview Challenge

Hierarchical Data

Consider a dataset organized hierarchically, the organizational reporting hierarchy of employee/manager as follows:

                                employee            reports_to
                                ---------------    -----------------
                                mohan               shyam
                                abdul               shyam
                                ram                 shyam
                                shyam               sandeep
                                peter               sandeep
                                vikram              peter
                                baljeet             peter
                                sundar              baljeet

Please answer the following questions in either SQL or C++. Choose one language, and stick to it.

Question 1

Define a data structure to represent the given dataset. This would be a schema in SQL and a header file in C++

Question 2

Implement the following queries on the data representation chosen in Q1

  1. List the direct reports of a manager
  2. List the full suborganization that reports to a manager
  3. Show the complete management chain of an employee
  4. Check for loops in the organization

Question 3

Implement the following updates on the representation chosen in Q1. The updates would be transactions in SQL / methods in C++

  1. Add a given employee as a direct report of a given manager. Validate that
    • given employee does not exist
    • given manager does exist
    • the entry will not create a loop (use the query of Q1-D for this purpose)

  2. Remove a given employee. Validate that
    • Removal will not create orphans (employees whose management chain is broken/disconnected)

  3. Move an employee from one manager to another, along with the employee's suborganization if any
Submission Guidelines

To submit your work send your running code in text file and mail to with subject "SDE Assignment - Oct 2023" .

Submission Timeline

Candidates will be considered in the order of assignment submission. Please submit your assignment as soon as possible.