• Healthcare and Technological Advancements

    Post Covid-19 the technology has turned into a game changer for services industry and healthcare too, riding on these technological changes, is witnessing an improvement in services.The paper looks at how hospital's IT department can benefit from face id technology

  • Universal Access Control Systems: The Next Big Thing for Physical Organization Security

    Universal access control is a solution that can address various concerns of an organisation and assist organisations in improving daily operations. The robust system can mark attendance, safeguard sensitive information, protect valuable assets and maintains a secure environment for organisation’s employees and visitors. Explore how Universal Access Control system benefits over the usual systems

  • Face ID in Hospitals: Security and much more

    Discover the top benefits of using face ID technology for visitor management in hospitals. From increased accuracy to time-saving, visitor management attendance has never been so efficient.

  • Principal Employer Liability Mitigation in Construction Industry

    The involvement of sub-contractors, nature of work, nature of contracts and most important, the high number of contracted labourers, exposes the principal employer to liability. In the article below, we look at a major issue which could result in principal employer liability and it’s possible solution.

  • Contract labour Management : Checklist

    A seven point checklist, assiting principal employers with contract labour management.

  • Contract labour and IT infrastructure

    The modern way of working involves software solutions, but the contract labour law forces the principal employer to abstain from having direct control and supervision on contracted labour. What shall organisations do in order to implement such software solutions, as well as curb the issues?

  • Channel Management

    The article looks at the various factors that helps an organisation in improving it's channel's performace.

  • Business Intelligence in HRM

    The article looks at the role of business intelligence in human resource management systems.

  • HRM for Labour Intensive Organisations

    The article looks into the complexities and possible solutions involced in Human resource management systems.

  • Total cost of service in Security Industry

    The article looks at the complexities that should be considered for calculating the total cost of services in Security Industry.

  • Launch of Saralweb's Free Business Automation Solution

    Saralweb launched free single login version for private security service providers.