About us

Parent Company

The Saralweb brand is owned by TA Netgables Pvt. Ltd (India),a wholly owned subsidiary of Netgables Inc. (Redmond WA, USA) founded by Kaviraj Singh and Taran Arora in 2008. Early investors include Paul Maritz, a renowned technologist rated as one of the 50 most powerful people in enterprise technology by Business Insider in 2012, and Rahul Bhasin of Barings Private Equity Partners India.

Netgables was founded with the aim to provide internet based solutions to organisations in India and the US. The company has its research and development centers in the US and India.

Our Products

Workforce Management

The Saralweb Work Force Management platform mitigates financial and reputational risks for principal employers by bringing together principal employers and labour contractors to deliver compliance and cost control through the ecosystem. Principal employers can work with any number of labour providers through the Saralweb portal, and labour contractors get an end to end automation and work flow integration in their business with their principal employers.

Unified Access Control through DigiPass

Access control is a face ID based system,installed at users premises,that replaces paper based gate-pass. The system can be used for marking attendance as well as for managing visitors entering the premises.

When used as an attendance marking device, the system generates automated attendance records which can then be used to generate employees' monhtly payslips automatically.

For visitor management, the flow of visitors is controlled against a quota, and generates automated reports for future forensic and audit analysis