Universal Access Control Systems: The Next Big Thing for Physical Organization Security

Posted on: 12 July 2023

Universal access control is a solution that can address various concerns of an organisation and assist organisations in improving daily operations. It ensures that authorized individuals have appropriate access to the designated area and prevents unauthorized entry. The robust system can mark attendance, safeguard sensitive information, protect valuable assets and maintains a secure environment for organisation’s employees and visitors. `

Nearly 100% of adult population in the country, has witnessed access control in one way or the other. Be it office place, or malls, access control is well adapted to regulate the entry of those entering the premises. Access control is an essential part of premises as it is crucial for not only the security and confidentiality of resources but also the accountability and operational efficiency of the organisation. Often, organisations engage in access control in the form of attendance marking system and visitor management system, but does an organisation really need different solutions for different access control requirements?

In order to understand the requirement, we assess various types of Access Control usages

  1. Time and Attendance Management: Access control devices are used to record employees’ attendance through access cards or biometric authentication. This helps organisations to accurately track employee attendance and manage shifts, which can then be used as a base for employees’ payroll.
  2. Perimeter control: Often within the organisation, certain locations permit restricted movement. It could be due to various reasons such as protection of data in R&D centres, safeguarding of employees in manufacturing plants and ownership in hospitals.
  3. Visitor Management: Access control devices are often used for visitor management systems to control the visitor’s movement within the premises. The electronic reports help organisations to track visitor movement, enhance security and maintain an audit trail of visitor management

The organisations are forced to opt for different solutions for different access control usage due to incapability of available resources to handle the complex operations. This forces the organisation to face the following issues

  1. Expense: Every individual system is followed by a silo of their associated costs. Though some basic cost can be shared among the systems, but the cost heads such as device costs, installation costs and annual service charges add to an organisation’s spending.
  2. Distributed data: With different system, the organisation’s data is always distributed and the need of setting up synchronisation between different systems can raise the level of challenges for the organisation.
  3. Irregular user experience: Different system adds up to different user experience for the stakeholders of the organisation. For EG: a regular Human Resource manager will be marking their attendance on the attendance marking device set for permanent employees; will have contracted workers marking attendance on a separate system and have visitors entry on a different system.
  4. Multiple Dependencies: Every system applied within an organisation will have it’s basic needs of service and support. With multiple systems, the onus of an organisation’s smooth daily operation will be on multiple vendors, with a requirement for an intrinsic team to manage multiple dependencies.

SARALWEB’s Universal access control with its attendance marking and visitor management solution helps organisation in managing the difficulties that arise with multiple systems and provides following benefits

  1. Enhanced security: Be it restricting access to particular areas or collecting data of all the entrants, universal access control covers it all and presents the data as an information to decision makers
  2. Streamlined operations: With centralised system the data flows effortlessly streamlining the daily operations
  3. Automation: Backed by SARALWEB’s Workforce management solution, universal access control system introduces automation in daily operation