DigiPass - Unified Access Control

Saralweb's DigiPass -Unified Access Control

The Unfied Access Control Solution comprises a standalone device -DigiPass - that recognises the physical attributes, authenticates and authorises the entry of an individual. Cloud based back-end software completes the solution with monitoring and control features.

Register Anywhere, Recognise Anywhere

Available as both hand-held units as well as wall-mount units, all DigiPasses in one organisation connect with each other, through a real-time sync mechanism enabling individuals to use different access controlled points for entry and exit after registration.

Digital Gatepass

Generate digital gatepass for an environment friendly and secure visitor management.

Scalable Experience

Registering an individual in less than 35 seconds, and recognising faces in less than 5 seconds, DigiPass continues to deliver consistent high performance with a storage capacity upward of 1,00,000 unique users on each device!

Restricted vs Public

Backed by reliable, scalable, and secure software, the same DigiPass can be used for public scenarios as well as restricted entry scenarios covering all the access control requirements of an enterprise.

Mobility vs Fixed Gate Entry

DigiPass can be used for ad-hoc entry (eg: field scenarios) or for fixed gates (office & factory scenarios)

Activity Report

Real-time monitoring of access events across the enterprise, also available in activity reports.